Stephen Thompson

Software developer, interested in formal verification of software, and videogame development. More info...

Programming Projects



A new verification-aware programming language (currently work-in-progress).


Knights screenshot

Knights is a multiplayer game involving several knights who must run around a dungeon and solve various quests.

Fluid Dynamics Demo

Shallow water screenshot

This demo uses the "shallow water equations" to simulate the motion of water across a 3-D landscape.

Roguelike Game

Roguelike game screenshot

A new indie roguelike game, currently at the very early stages of development.

Car Physics Demo

Car physics screenshot

This is a rigid body physics engine and car driving simulation.


MIPS disassembly listing

Mips2cs is a tool that converts MIPS machine code executables into C# programs.

Solar Physics Research

My PhD research work from 2002–2006.


I can be contacted by email, my address is: stephen (at)